Openning Days

Moscow State Law University Law by the name O.E. Kutafin (MSLA) holds an annual Open Day three times per year: on 20th January, 17th February and 21th April for those wishing to obtain high-quality higher education in law.

TELEPHONE: (499) 244-88-90, (499) 244-86-91, (499) 244-86-35

  • Room № 1 — Institute of Law (on-line report)
  • Hall № 2 — Institute of Energy Law (on-line report)
  • Hall № 3 — Institute of Prosecution (on-line report)
  • Room № 4 — International Law Institute (on-line report)
  • Room № 5 — The Institute Bar (on-line report)
  • Room № 6 — Institute of Magistracy (on-line report)
  • Room № 7 — Institute of Banking and Finance (online broadcasting)
  • Room № 23 — Legal Correspondence Institute (the first higher education. Education for part-time (evening) and extramural)
  • Room № 9 — Legal Correspondence Institute (second higher education) (on-line report)
  • Room № 29a — Forensic Institute (online broadcasting)
  • Room № 15, 16 — Institute of Continuing Education (training at the 9th grade)
  • Center for Student Legal Aid in the auditorium. Room № 12, 13
  • Room № 26,28 — testing of applicants on social
  • Room № 107 — Department of Pre-university training (training courses)

Visitors in the Openning Day will be able to obtain information about:

  • directions training in secondary and higher vocational education at the University, the prospects of getting hands-on experience while learning;
  • the preparatory courses of Kutafin Moscow State Law University, including the preparation of entering the master’s degree;
  • rules of admission and conditions of training and 24 different master’s programs;
  • programs of the second higher and secondary vocational education, most of which are in demand, «Translator in the field of professional communication.» Students of this program learn both general and professionally oriented legal lexicon of one of four European languages, receiving a diploma in translation in professional communication;

The winners of school competition have benefits entering institutions of higher educational institutions in accordance with the profile of the competition.

The event starts at: 11.00

Admission is free from 9:00 am

For those who cannot attend the opening, there will be webcast on the official website of the University.