About programme:

University strategy of internationalization is primarily aimed at improving the competitiveness of the University in the international educational arena and among Russian Universities as well.

The Master program «THE RUSSIAN AND INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SYSTEM» - the brand-new academic English programme, successfully launched in 2015 at Kutafin University (MSAL).

The Master's degree programme «RUSSIAN AND INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SYSTEM» is devoted to the top issues of international, foreign and national law. The core issue of the programme is a profound comparative analysis of Russian and International legal systems. Intensive course of Russian language is offered for foreign citizens during ordinary legal education.

The academic programme is intended to all, who are developing professional activity in the field of Russian law.

Academic director of the programme

Kashkin Sergey PhD, professor

Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Assistant on international students’ coordination

Shevchenko Olga PhD, professor.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)


1. Actual problems of comparative constitutional law

2. Actual problems of law

3. Actual problems of modern Russian civil proceedings

4. Comparative law

5. Contracts and agreements in the sphere of labour law

6. Forensic Linguistics of the legal proceedings

7. Forensics in Russian law

8. History and methodology of juridical science

9. History of political and legal theories

10. International humanitarian law

11. Public international law

12. International and comparative labour law

13. Legal aspects of the EU-Russia cooperation

14. Models of property rights in Russian and foreign law

15. Modern problems: intelligent technologies of XXI century

16. Pedagogical ideas and concepts of world experience

17. Philosophy of law

18. Philosophy of power.

19. Russian as a foreign language. Intensive course of speech adoption

Admission requirements

Education programme is available for citizens of Russian Federation, foreign citizens, stateless citizens.

Prospective students have to provide their University degree diploma (bachelors, higher education).

Selection is based on preliminary examination:

Beginning of enrollment (submitting of applications) – June 20;

End of enrollment (submitting of applications) – August 10;

End of preliminary examinations period - August 15.

Potential employers

The graduate of the academic programme will be able to work for international organizations, dealing with legal issues at legal departments of Russian and foreign firms, at advocacy centers, public organizations, participating in wide range of academic/scientific researchers.


2 years 3 months

Required documents


University Degree diploma



Medical insurance

Submitting of required documents is held at: 125993, Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street, 9

Place of study

Russia, 125993, Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street, 9

Tuition fee (in 2015/2016 academic year)

168 000 RUB per year

Mode of study


Contact Information:

Director of the International Cooperation Office

Shevchenko Olga

Tel. 8 499 244 85 55

e-mail: oashevchenko@msal.ru

Head of Department

Kuznetsova Irina

Tel. 8499244 80 15

e-mail: IIKUZNETSOVA@msal.ru

Managerof the International Cooperation Office

Alexey Rybkin

Tel. 8 (916) 065 88 64

e-mail: alex-poter@mail.ru


Department of Foreign Languages Kutafin Moscow State Law University implements additional educational programs of learning foreign languages. The department provides the opportunity to study English, German, French and Spanish.

In this age of globalization, the active cross-cultural communication is very important. It is not just to be able to communicate in a foreign language, but to own it at the level necessary to communicate in a professional level. Nowadays a successful career requires the possession of several foreign languages.

    The objectives of the Department of Foreign Languages:
  • develop the level of language to professional level
  • improve the competitiveness of our graduates among others
  • improve the skills of a lawyer, supplementing knowledge of foreign language

Goals of the Department: the formation and development of skills:

  • translation, understanding and analysis of legal texts and documents in a foreign language;
  • business correspondence in a foreign language;
  • negotiating with foreign partners;
  • contracting with foreign companies;

that will let us:

  • understand the language of the law we study and international law;
  • write CVs and cover letters in a foreign language;
  • Participate in international conferences and workshops;
  • establish contacts with foreign companies;
  • freely and easily communicate with their foreign counterparts;

And finally just to communicate in a foreign language!

Teachers of the Department are — experienced teachers of Kutafin Moscow State Law University, who prepares students for the program «Translator in the field of professional communication» in all four foreign languages for many years. Moreover, they are the authors of numerous books and manuals in a foreign language, including legal books and articles.

Methods of teaching meets all modern requirements, classes are held in a language laboratory. For adoption of materials we use the most modern authentic material, as well as proven Russian textbooks.




  • You have already studied in Kutafin Moscow State Law University or only intend to enter it;
  • You think that the basic educational program is not enough or provides an insufficient number of hours;
  • You want to improve a high level of a second foreign language;
  • You want to study foreign language as a beginner.

GRADUATES of Kutafin Moscow State Law University and those with higher education in the field of «Law» and «Court legal expertise»


  • expand your knowledge in the field of professional foreign language;
  • learn how to negotiate in a foreign language
  • to communicate with foreign colleagues.

Classes are taught by experienced teachers of Kutafin Moscow State Law University that prepare students for translation based on this program FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS.

Classes are held at the address: 9, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya str., Moscow or 13, Bakuninskaya Str., Moscow.

An undergraduate program of basic educational program for learning foreign languages provides more than 140 academic hours (an average of 2 doubled academic classes/lessons per week.

We offer two types of additional training programs in foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish:

  • Translator in the field of professional communication
  • Short-term programs of learning a foreign language


In case you are interested in more detailed information about the Department activities, or in case of asking us any information about additional educational programs in the field of foreign language learning, please contact the following numbers or send an e-mail:

Olga V. Yashina
+7 (499) 244-88-31
e-mail: ovjashina@msal.ru

Nadezhda Yasinova
+7 (499) 244-87-15

Daria A. Metelkina
+7 (499) 244-84-85

Elizabeth S. Aleshina
+7 (499) 244-87-30