The address of the University: 123995, 9 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Str., Moscow (For those wishing to submit documents required for admission, by mail)

The minimum score on exam results, entrance examinations conducted by the University itself, confirming the successful completion of entrance examinations in general subjects:

Additional admission test core areas of the social studies — 50 points

The training program 030900.62 «Jurisprudence» (qualification (degree) «Bachelor»)

  • Russian language — 40 points;
  • History — 36 points;
  • Social Studies — 50 points.

Bachelor’s short program, implemented at the level of higher education (Institute of Continuing Education)

  • exam in the core disciplines general trade cycle — 60 points.
  • The training program 031003.65 «Forensics» (qualification (degree) «specialist»)
  • Russian language — 40 points;
  • history — 36 points;
  • Social Studies — 50 points.

The training program 030900.68 «Jurisprudence» (qualification (degree) «master») comprehensive exam on the profile of the chosen Master’s program — 45 points.

1. University announces admission to the following areas of training (specialty)

  • According to the Bachelor:
    030900.62 «Law» for full-time, part-time and correspondence courses.
  • According to specialist training programs:
    031003.65 «Forensics» on full-time training.
  • According to Master’s degree programs:
    030900.68 «Law» for full-time, part-time and correspondence courses.
  • According to the program of vocational education:
    030912 «Law and welfare organization» for full-time training.

2. List of entrance examinations for entering the first year of study:

  • undergraduate program in the field of training 030900.62 «Jurisprudence» for full-time study: results of the USE in Russian language, history, social science, additional entrance test profile orientation «Social Studies»
  • on part-time and correspondence forms of training: USE results in Russian language, history, social studies graduate program at the direction of training 030900.68 «Jurisprudence»
  • for full-time, part-time (evening) and extramural courses comprehensive exam on the profile of the chosen Master’s program in writing.
  • for specialist training programs in the direction of training (specialty) 031003.65 «Forensics»

for full-time study:

  • results of the USE in Russian language, history and social science.
  • program of vocational education in the specialty «Law and social security organization» without entrance exams based on competition certificates.

3. Individuals with higher professional education, admission to the second higher education are tested in social studies.

4. Persons arriving for training in master’s degree programs pass a comprehensive exam on the profile of the chosen Master’s program in writing.

5. Verification tests for admission to the second and subsequent courses are held in the form of a written examination on the subject «Theory of State and Law.»

Period of time for certification tests.

Verification tests for admission to the second and subsequent years of study, including the right of translation, — a written exam on the theory of state and law are held as the formation of groups, from among persons who have submitted the required documents and approved by the Admission Committee of the University to the test every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays:

  • during the summer vacation period for full-time and part-time form of training from June 20 to August 20;
  • during the winter holiday period for full-time and part-time form of training from January 20 to February 10;
  • for distance learning — throughout the year.

Start of test — 15.00.

Tests are carried out at the University: Room number 224, (9, Sadovaya Kudrinskaya str., Moscow)

6. For applicants who have graduated from secondary vocational education department of the Institute of Continuing Education, as well as having secondary professional education in the field of «Law» or «Law and social security organization» — when taken to the Institute of Continuing Education training on an abbreviated undergraduate program, implemented at the level of higher professional education by field of study «Law» is established comprehensive exam in the core disciplines general trade cycle.

Moscow State Law University Law by the name O.E. Kutafin (MSLA) holds an annual Open Day three times per year: on 20th January, 17th February and 21th April for those wishing to obtain high-quality higher education in law.

TELEPHONE: (499) 244-88-90, (499) 244-86-91, (499) 244-86-35

  • Room № 1 — Institute of Law (on-line report)
  • Hall № 2 — Institute of Energy Law (on-line report)
  • Hall № 3 — Institute of Prosecution (on-line report)
  • Room № 4 — International Law Institute (on-line report)
  • Room № 5 — The Institute Bar (on-line report)
  • Room № 6 — Institute of Magistracy (on-line report)
  • Room № 7 — Institute of Banking and Finance (online broadcasting)
  • Room № 23 — Legal Correspondence Institute (the first higher education. Education for part-time (evening) and extramural)
  • Room № 9 — Legal Correspondence Institute (second higher education) (on-line report)
  • Room № 29a — Forensic Institute (online broadcasting)
  • Room № 15, 16 — Institute of Continuing Education (training at the 9th grade)
  • Center for Student Legal Aid in the auditorium. Room № 12, 13
  • Room № 26,28 — testing of applicants on social
  • Room № 107 — Department of Pre-university training (training courses)

Visitors in the Openning Day will be able to obtain information about:

  • directions training in secondary and higher vocational education at the University, the prospects of getting hands-on experience while learning;
  • the preparatory courses of Kutafin Moscow State Law University, including the preparation of entering the master’s degree;
  • rules of admission and conditions of training and 24 different master’s programs;
  • programs of the second higher and secondary vocational education, most of which are in demand, «Translator in the field of professional communication.» Students of this program learn both general and professionally oriented legal lexicon of one of four European languages, receiving a diploma in translation in professional communication;

The winners of school competition have benefits entering institutions of higher educational institutions in accordance with the profile of the competition.

The event starts at: 11.00

Admission is free from 9:00 am

For those who cannot attend the opening, there will be webcast on the official website of the University.


Kutafin Moscow State Law University invites foreign citizens for Russian language courses.

The courses are designed for foreign nationals and abroad who wish to enter the Academy, as well as for those who would like to increase the level of knowledge of the Russian language in the legal interest of the field of jurisprudence.

Course duration: 30 to 750 academic hours.

The study of Russian language can be combined with doctoral studies, preparation of materials for research and getting advice from leading experts in different sectors of Russian law.

Name of course Duration Cost *
The elementary level of proficiency. Preparing for communication in daily life conditions. 4 weeks (96 ac. hours) EUR 650
The basic level of proficiency. Preparing for communication in domestic and partly educational and professional situations. 12 weeks (300 academic hours) EUR 1670
Remedial course for persons who hold a basic level of Russian. Preparing to study at the Academy, including «Law» module. 6 months (450 academic hours) EUR 2300
Full preparation for starting education at the Academy. Module includes «Law». 10 months (750 academic hours) EUR 2700

* Prices are given for the group of 5-6 people

The uniqueness of the programs — in-depth study of the Russian public and Russian legal language.

«Legal Russian» 50 ac. hours
«Theory of State and Law» 30 ac. hours
«Russian Constitutional law» 30 ac. hours
«Criminal law» 30 ac. hours
«Civil law» 30 ac. hours
«Customs law» 30 ac. hours
«Administrative law» 30 ac. hours
Classes in a mini-group 2-4 people 15 euro 1 academic hour
Individual lessons 20 euro 1 academic hour
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