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Goals of the Division:

Development of international cooperation between the Moscow State Law University to increase its competitiveness on the market of educational services; enhancement of the international prestige of the University as a highly professional educational and research center; bringing the quality of educational and research activities to the modern world level.

Key activities:

− methodological support of the Institutes, departments and other subdivisions of the University with regards to international cooperation;

Objectives of the Management:

- arrange faculty exchanges with foreign universities as part of joint educational programs (lectures; master classes; face-to-face and web seminars; interactive classes and cases)

- summer and winter schools arranged together with foreign partner universities for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduate and doctoral students, and the University’s teaching staff;

- information-analytical and organizational support of international inter-university cooperation:

- academic mobility programs for students, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, and internships for the teaching staff;

- international accreditation of educational programs jointly with the Training and Methodology Department of the University;

- support of educational process involving foreign students according to the bachelor programs curriculum (specialization 40.03.01 in Law) – implementation of the “Adaptive training plan for foreign citizens” and foreign interns (trainees) participating in exchange programs with foreign organizations and individual training programs;

- work with foreign citizens studying at the University for compliance with the rules of staying in the Russian Federation, assistance with enrollment documents, control over implementation of individual curricula and issuance of graduation documents;

- regular analytical activities to choose grants and individual scholarships for training and research abroad and informing target student groups by posting information on the boards, on the website, in MSAL journals, on the website of the international partner of MSAL – the International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists (France), and in the media;

- involve MSAL students in annual summer economic, legal and language schools at foreign universities;

- support MSAL students in participation in youth cultural exchange programs;

- introduce distance modular learning courses for all categories of students;

- review foreign experience at the world’s leading research and educational centers to enforce the competitive positions of MSAL in the global market of educational services and research programs.

- increase the share of foreign professors, teachers and researchers among the MSAL faculty and Russian citizens – holders of PhDs from foreign universities;

- increase the share of Russian professors, teachers and researchers – MSAL graduates among the faculty members of foreign universities;

- achieve the international level of competitiveness of education and research results;

- introduce a quality system in the educational process comparable with the systems used in international organizations (Recommendations for ensuring the quality cross-border education, OECD and UNESCO);

- actively develop information support of educational process, supply students with modern educational and research literature and MSAL e-resources;

- attract foreign teachers as research supervisors for bachelors and master students’ dissertations;

- create joint postgraduate programs together with the leading foreign universities - MSAL partners.

- arrange research exchanges between the University and research organizations abroad;

- joint research and development projects and grants with the participation of staff of foreign universities;

- create internationally acclaimed environment for research and expert publications in foreign languages;

- active participation in international and Russian rankings;

- involve in the international integration process for legal research and educational centers

within the global educational community;

- arrange participation of the University in the institutional projects of the international EU programs and other integrated mobility and cooperation programs of higher education;

- ensure participation of faculty members, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in international conferences in Russia and other countries.

- plan and organize activities to develop the University’s international relations and ensure its performance as a recognized Russia-based international center for education and research providing training of highly qualified staff for the Russian Federation and other countries; plan and host foreign delegations to the University, arrange the staff’s business trips to other countries ;

- invite leading foreign teachers, researchers, specialists and practitioners to participate in research and training activities at the University (lectures, practical classes, round tables, research projects, etc.);

- identify top-priority cooperation areas, perform long-term planning of international university relations, perform search and select partners for contacts at the university level; participate in planning and developing joint programs, inter-university exchanges and contacts;

- raise awareness about the University and attract foreign citizens to study, increase interest of foreign citizens in Russian education;

- Invite foreign partners and representatives of interested organizations to the University; visa support;

- support primary migration registration;

- participate in arranging and conducting negotiations and meetings, approvals and signing of required documents;

- represent the University and the Division in communications with the state and public administration authorities, external institutions and organizations, educational organizations, legal entities and individuals (including foreign) within the activities of the Division’s competence that do not require additional powers;

- work with state bodies controlling the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation;

- participate in events of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, the Federal Migration Service and other state bodies and organizations;

- implement protocol events and reception of foreign delegations to the University;

- prepare draft orders and acts of the University related to the invitation of foreign citizens and organizations to international inter-university programs within the competence of the Division;

- consider incoming foreign correspondence (including correspondence from diplomatic missions and consulates of the Russian Federation) on international cooperation within the competence of the Division and provide answers on the merits of appeals;

- together with the concerned structural subdivisions, approve assignments for secondment of undergraduate and graduate students, doctoral students and teachers of the University abroad as part of the Division’s activities;

- review reports on foreign business trips of the University’s employees and assess the achieved results, prepare analytics on results and submit proposals to the University management on their further application;

- day-to-day coverage of partner cooperation activities on the website, in the journals published by the Moscow State Law Academy, the website of the international partner of the Moscow State Law Academy - International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists (France), and in media;

- create and maintain information database on international cooperation of the University, prepare reporting documents and organize the Division’s working activities;

- assist the host structural subdivisions in accommodating foreign guests and arranging cultural programs;

- assist in translation into Russian of correspondence received by the University in foreign languages;

- collaborate with the international partner of the Moscow State Law Academy - the International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists (France).