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About the University

Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

In 2021, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), one of the leading law schools in Russia, celebrates 90th anniversary.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University's history goes back to December 1931 when the Government made a decision to widen higher legal education in order to provide the state with sufficient number of qualified lawyers.

Over the years, the University has trained and graduated more than 180,000 professionals with a law degree. Many of them are now honoured lawyers and prominent academics. Barshchevsky M.Y., Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, S.S. Sobyanin, Acting Mayor of Moscow, Y.M. Baturin, Russian politician, lawyer and cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation, R.A. Abramovich, Russian businessman and statesman, I.A. Isayev, Soviet and Russian lawyer, Doctor of Law, professor, specialist in the field of history of the state and law of Russia and many others graduated from the University in different years.

Nowadays, Kutafin University is being recognized not only as an education institution but also as a real Alma mater for students. Students are supposed to obtain fundamental theoretical knowledge, practical skills and to understand a sense of the jurisprudence as such.

Kutafin University (MSAL) has 14 institutes, 3 branches and 31 departments, over 890 teaching staff, including over 180 professors, 30 honored Lawyers of the Russian Federation, most of them are well known in the international legal community.

Truly unique directions is developing (such as competition, sports law there is department of energy law, one of the first in Russia), new institutes are being created, (Institute of Business Law, Institute of Modern Applied Law, Institute of Forensic Expertise, etc.), which have no analogues not only in our country, but also abroad.

Currently, about 13,000 students is training at the University not only in specialized, but also in the main fields of law, e.g. Jurisprudence, National Security Law, Judicial and Prosecutorial Activities. There are more than 400 postgraduate students and applicants, 350 foreign citizens. The process of training students is constantly modernizing.

Kutafin University's profile includes Civil Law, Constitutional (State) Law, Criminal Law, Private International Law, Public International Law, Law of the EU Forensic Expertise, International Trade Law, Banking Law, Sports Law, etc.

One of the most essential objects of our University is international cooperation. Today, the globalization of the world's economy has led to a tendency of «internationalization» of the education world.

Kutafin University cooperates with wide range of well-known universities and international institutions from Asia, Europe, and America. Currently, vast of cooperation agreements on education and science with international colleagues are being carried into force.

The strategic goals of the University for the nearest future:

increase a number of international students, visitors, graduates, teaching stuff, development of dual and multi diplomas education programs in cooperation with international colleagues;

increase a number of international academic projects, conferences, seminars, increase a number of professors, scientists participated in such programs;

increase a number and quality of publications in internationals academic journals and etc.