Pre-University preparation

Pre-University preparation

Pre-University Training Center

- this is a space helping to expand the knowledge in school subjects and creative borders in education, a vector connecting the school, the university and the profession!

For many applicants, the path to the student years at the Kutafin Moscow State University has started with studies the Pre-University Training Center. Thus, in 2015, the enrolled Kutafin University freshers (MSLA) included 71% of Pre-University Training Center graduates.

Training at the Center:

• enables to receive comprehensive knowledge in disciplines tested during entrance examinations, and get prepared for participation in the Kutafin University (MSAL) Olympiad

• helps to master the most challenging and problematic areas of the studied disciplines, gives full clarity of the Unified State Examination and allows to be prepared for all types of tasks;

• helps students to adapt to the university system of lectures and seminars, develops note-taking skills and independent working with educational literature, thus creating the foundation for successful studies at a higher educational institution;

• deepens professional orientation of students to obtain higher legal education;

• enhances the general and legal culture of students.

Today, the Pre-University Training Center delivers training and methodology in the modern conditions for training and preparatory processes.

The training is delivered by highly professional teaching staff. Attending our teachers’ classes, students have a unique opportunity to prepare for the Unified State Examination with experienced and highly-qualified teachers and also learn about their future profession firsthand, since most of the instructors at our courses also teach at the University and are bright representatives of the legal community.

More than 70% of teachers hold academic degrees and titles, and most of them have developed manuals and teaching aids for universities and vocational training programs. Many have worked in the subject examination commissions, and all teaching staff is highly-skilled in applying educational technologies.

The educational process is based on the curriculums according to federal state educational standards, and with the account of the requirements of the University’s subject commissions.

Center for Pre-University Training of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) helps the prospective applicants to get ready for the entrance tests and exams on the following subjects (fees apply):

• Social Studies;

• Russian language;

• History;

• Foreign language.

Part-time (one-year and two-year) training programs are offered from September to May. The part-time combination of studies suits students combining work or studies with preparation for exams.

The training duration can be tailored to the needs of every student: from two-month express courses up to two year programs (fees apply). The duration of classes in one of the selected subjects - 4 academic hours per week.

1 and 2-year programs include courses in the form of lectures, seminars and practical workshops.

4-month courses include interactive lectures and practical classes in history and social studies, seminars and practical classes in the Russian language (16 classes of 4 academic hours for each subject).

Distance learning is the choice of those who are based in another region and cannot attend the classes in person. The students of distance learning courses receive performance evaluation tasks: during the year, the students complete performance tests and send them back. After these are checked by the course teachers, they are returned to the students with comments. The curriculum of the distance 8-month programs includes 4 classroom consultations and 12 review tests to be completed by students for each of the three subjects.

The Center for Pre-University Training also offers training in social studies, history, Russian, and English to certain categories of students who have received their high school certificate before 2009 to prepare for the standard entrance exams.

Students of the Center can expand their educational horizons, being trained for admission to the second higher education course at the Distance-Learning Law Institute. High-quality training of students helps to increase their competitiveness at the entrance exams and create a solid foundation for further training.

The Center for Pre-University Training helps students to get ready for the comprehensive exam for admission to the Institute of Magistracy. The offered classes are held as interactive lectures and individual consultations.

Since 2012, the Center for Pre-University Training has also offered courses helping to prepare for the Kutafin Law Olympiad for school students. Winners and prize-winners of the final round of the Olympiad enjoy admission privileges from the Kutafin Moscow State Law University. During the course, key topics are covered related to the main branches of law, recommendations are provided on preparation to the Olympiad and competition tasks of previous years are analyzed.

The Center of Pre-University Training provides training for foreign students in the Russian language (elementary and advanced levels) and individual training with the account of the student’s level of Russian language skills. Lawyers are also offered courses of business Russian (the language of law), online training courses in Russian are provided for foreigners. All teachers of Russian for foreigners hold academic degrees and have experience of working with foreign students.

The part-time classes are held in the evenings, mostly on weekdays or during the afternoons on weekends. Each subject includes one lesson of 4 academic hours per week.

Fees apply.

Graduates of the pre-university training courses pass entrance exams to the Kutafin University on a non-preferential basis.

Classes in all forms of training are held:

On business days: 5:00 pm to 8:10 pm;

On Saturdays: 6:00 to 19:10;

On Sundays: two shifts - 11:00 to 14:10 and from 14:40 to 17:50.

Address: Bakuninskaya st. 13, Moscow 1055005.

The Legal degree earned from the Kutafin University (MSLA) has always been prestigious, the University being a recognized leader within the educational system of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In view of high requirements for future applicants, the training at the Center for Pre-University Training can be considered as a compulsive stage for further education of young people.