Master of International and Russian Tax Law (на английском языке)

What awaits students at this program?

This Master’s in International and Russian Tax Law is a unique specialized program (both a full-time and a part-time versions are available). International taxation has grown in importance in the recent years so both business and the authorities are looking for modern knowledge specialist in this aria. The program is an excellent combination of theory, rules and real experience based on administrative and court cases.

International and Russian Tax Law International Tax program will equip students with the legal basis, intellectual tools and skills to understand taxation of cross-border trade, movement of people and investments. We seek to develop critical thinking and insights into the world of international taxation.

Our Masters are prepared to become leaders in their respective areas of tax expertise - be that in law practice, accounting firms, government administration or academia.

    Day-time option – 2 years
    Annual Fee 468,000 Rubles
    Part-time option – 29 months
    Annual Fee 260,100 Rubles

    Program’s Director

    Advantages of the program for you
    • Open for students with different backgrounds, no background in taxation or law is required
    • Synergetic combination of academic theory, practice and professional networking
    • Substantial focus on the worldwide taxation, not local
    • Combination of tax and business law
    • Opportunity to make international friends and a develop excellent professional network for the rest of your life
    • Problem-solving thinking
    • Permanent direct contact with tax processionals
    • Mentoring from tax professionals
    • Possibility to apply the acquired knowledge in any tax jurisdiction
    • Development of good written and spoken English
    • Fascinating Moscow mega-environment, fan, speed and energy
    The content of the program
    • International taxation: theoretical basis
    • Comparative tax law
    • Tax Treaties
    • Tax anti-avoidance rules and practice
    • Transfer pricing
    • EU tax law, EEU and CIS tax law
    • Basics of Customs law
    • Relations between tax and private law
    • International tax administration
    • International tax consulting
    • OECD international tax policy
    • Permanent establishments
    • Scientific seminar/Thesis
    • Internships
    • Moot court competitions
    • Conference traveling

    Where can a graduate of the program work?

    Tax and legal consulting, audit
    Tax position in industry
    Inter-governmental organizations
    Family offices, Private wealth business
    Academia and PhD education
    The tax administration and governments
    Student life

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    9, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St., Moscow, Russian Federation