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Presentation of the scientific monograph “Civil consequences of violations of antitrust laws: a monograph”


On July 9 2019, at Russian Federal Antitrust service was presented a scientific monograph “Civil consequences of violations of antitrust laws a monograph” M. A. Egorova – M. Iustitsinform, 2020. — 408 с. ISBN 978-5-7205-1555-3

The monograph was written by Maria Egorova, Head of International Cooperation Department, doctor in Law, Professor at the Department for Competition Law, MSAL, President of the Commission for the improvement of Antitrust Regulation, belonging to Moscow region division AIUR (Russian Lawyer’s Association), copresident of International Union of Lawyers and Economists (France). The monograph discusses the most complex issues of the civil consequences caused by violations of antitrust laws. The book introduces several original scientific concepts: the forbidding of actions taken with abuse of law, the voiding of transaction concluded in violation of antitrust laws, the creation of juridical systems for reimbursement of damage by unfair competition, the forceful dissolution of companies violating the economic concentration’s requisites as dictated by antitrust laws. The monograph’s author, Maria Egorova, discussed the peculiarities of civil consequences in violation of antitrust laws. The author stressed the interdisciplinary approach of the monograph, and the need and importance of interdisciplinary studies and research in the field of competition law.

The monograph presentation included a discussion of the most vital problems on civil consequences application for violations of antitrust laws. Attending the presentation were representatives from the faculties from Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), employees from Russian Federal Antitrust service, from the Eurasian economic commission, members from State Duma and the Assembly of Russian Federation, practicing Lawyers. The monograph is recommended for publication from the Department of Competition Law Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL).

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