Календарь | Январь 2019


MSAL was listed among Forbes Russia's 100 Best Universities


The editorial board of Forbes prepared the first ranking of Russia’s higher education institutions, having assessed them by 10 parameters, divided into three groups: quality of education, quality of graduates and Forbes factor.

The method of the assessment takes into account not only the quality of education but also statistic data about employment of alumni, the demand for them in different regions, and the quantity of entrepreneurs among them. Also, Forbes explored biographies of more than 1600 representatives of Russian elite — Forbes lists participants and their children, leaders of private and state companies, officials and deputies.

To summarize, universities are assessed by ten metrics, grouped into three components: the quality of education (maximum 50 points), the quality of graduates (maximum 30 points) and the factor of Forbes, taking into account the “elite” of the institution and the number of entrepreneurs in between the graduates (maximum 20 points).

Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) was ranked the 14-th, having earned 20.38 points for quality of education, 18.55 points for quality of graduates and 4.99 points for Forbes factor.

Based on Forbes news article

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