On 27 November 2019 the Kutafin University of Law will host the intentional conference “Modern problems of legal cooperation of Russia and France”.

The event will be held as part of the XIX Moscow Legal Week.

The conference is organized by the International Programs Department of Moscow State Law University, the International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists (France), the Association of Lawyers of Russia and

the Association of Russian Diplomats.


Head of International Programs Department of Moscow State Law University,

Doctor of Law, Professor Maria Egorova,

Head of Criminal Law Department, University Sorbonne 1, Educational programs coordinator of the Law Faculty,

University Sorbonne Paris, LLD David Chilstein


International Programs Department, Moscow State Law University

Maria Siryak


International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists (France)



A semester abroad

Université Jean Moulin Lyon-3 (France)

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is located in Lyon, France.

The widely-known graduates of the University are Frantz Fanon, Dominique Perben, Anna Idalgo and other recognized politicians, journalists, lawyers and translators.

Université Jean Moulin is known for its focus on humanities and its most well-known departments are the departments of law, foreign languages, philosophy, philology and civilization studies. The University also has the associated School of Management.

Lyon - 3 offers a wide range of courses in foreign languages which you can master in parallel with your main qualification.

If you are interested in learning Greek, Italian, Hebrew, German, Japanese, English, Arabic or Mandarin Chinese, you should definitely consider internship programs at Jean Moulin University.

1 or 2-semester programs for exchange students are taught in French and English.

To enroll in the university courses, TOEFL certificate or a documented proof of B1 level in French is required.

Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn

Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn (Germany) was founded in 1777, however 1818 is usually considered the official year when it was established. Earlier the land fell under the ownership of France, and the new local authorities decided to close the Academy. Its activities were resumed only in 1818, largely thanks to Karl Altenstein, the Minister of Education.

Currently, the University of Bonn has 7 faculties where 35,000 students study, 5,000 are foreign citizens. The university cares about the arriving students: before their arrival, places in the dormitory are allocated and visa assistance is offered. To facilitate adaptation, a variety of trainings are constantly held and cultural leisure activities are organized.

The university is ranked 255 according to QS Global World Ranking, with its Faculty of Law being among the top 250 world law schools. One of the University’s fundamental principles is academic freedom which implies personal responsibility for deadlines and high quality of performed assignments, and studying materials according to the curriculum.

A number of world famous personalities graduated from the University of Bonn such as Heine, Konrad Adenauer, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and many representatives of noble European dynasties. Pope Benedict XVI was a graduate of the University and also worked as a teacher at the Department of Theology for seven years. The University also boasts seven Nobel Prize winners among its graduates.

East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL)

East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) is located in the city of Shanghai, is the most densely populated city in the world. The university is highly ranked in China being in the TOP-200 list of the best educational institutions of the PRC (in China there are over 1000 educational institutions overall), and also has a high industry rating.

The University has 12 Institutes and trains specialists in 41 specialties; the University’s research centers are known for fundamental research activities. Many teachers also hold management positions in national administrative authorities, and former chairman of the Standing Committee of the All-China Assembly of People’s Representatives is also the honorary rector of the University.

East China University is referred to as a "university-garden" because of its green campus of 42 hectares. Due to its campus, not only it is one of the most beautiful universities in China - it also makes it comfortable for the students.

The students who have visited this university on an exchange program speak very warmly about their studies at ECUPL and highly recommend it to the prospective participants of the Semester Abroad program.