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The globalization of the world economy has led to the fact that in the educational world there is a tendency to «internationalization». Received education or a professional qualification, which can be recognized not only in his homeland, can be sometimes the reason for the change of country of residence or place of work. «International mobility» in education has already been the global standard for many years.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University offers students different exchange programs, for instance «Semester Abroad». The International Cooperation Department promotes and provides information on the Master’s programs at the partner universities.

Semester Abroad

The students of the University O.E. Kutafin have a unique opportunity to study abroad. The program of academic mobility “Semester beyond borders” offers a training course introducing the basics of foreign legislation and skills in working with foreign databases related to legal information. A full immersion in the language environment and culture of a different country will increase the level of proficiency in foreign language. Studying abroad will open new career prospects for young lawyers.

How to participate in the program of academic mobility

“Semester beyond borders”

Step 1. Check whether you meet all criteria for participation in the academic exchange?

  • Student, master students, graduating student from any institute, forms of education budget or commercial basis;

  • You have a good academic record, there are no academic debts, you have worked well and have a recommendation from the University administration;

  • You are capable of independent intensive study of disciplines and have early implementation of the curriculum from the relevant course before going to study at a foreign university;

  • You have enough knowledge of a foreign language to study abroad;

  • You do not have medical contraindications and are not registered at the dispensary account.

Step 2. Choose the University in which you want to study from those proposed in the presentation.

What you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • Language of learning, whether a certificate confirming the level of proficiency in a foreign language is required;

  • The cost of living and other related costs. Students of our University are exempted from tuition fees at all partner universities, however, all associated costs, including accommodation, visa, insurance, transportation, food, etc., you will cover by yourself. You can calculate your budget for the period of study here: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/

  • Quota for the number of people nominated from our University to study at a partner university;

  • Course requirements. Some programs accept students who successfully completed 1.2 courses or master students;

  • Research interest;

  • Cultural characteristics of the country where the university is located.

Step 3. Prepare the package of documents for participation in the program.

  • Application to the rector;

  • Copy of all pages from the international passport;

  • Summary in English or in the language of the country where the student will study;

  • Certification of academic curricula with translation in English;

  • Documents confirming the required level of proficiency in a foreign language. Depending on the requirements from the hosting university: a certificate from the Department of English Language of the University in Russian and English, or a certificate IELTS/TOEFL/FCE;

  • An application to the rector about consent to finance travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with participation in the program "Semester abroad";

  • 2 photographs (3х4, in color);

  • Letter explaining your motives in Russian and English (no more than 2 pages).

Step 4. Send the documents to the Department of International Cooperation within the official deadline.

  • until September 30 – for the autumn semester;

  • until January 30 – for the spring semester.

Documents are to be sent to the email address: international@msal.ru

2 PDF-File: 1st File – all documents in Russian language, 2nd file – all documents in foreign language + photo. In the file name insert your name and the university to which you are applying, for example: Ivanov_BilkentUniversity.

Step 5. Find out the results of the competition and get ready to leave.

One month after the end of the application, find out the results of the competition by e-mail as specified in the application, and also get the contacts of the coordinator in the selected partner university for further interaction.

The list of documents required for study abroad

An application form from the student / graduate student, addressed to the Rector of Kutafin Moscow State Law University indicating the high educational institution.

The application must be agreed (at the bottom of the signature page and the word «Agreed»):

  • Director of the Institute / Office of the Chief of post-graduate;
  • Specialist of the International Relations;
  • Head of the International Cooperation Office.

Statement of payment:

  • A statement from one of the parents of the student or graduate student, that he will bear the costs of the student / graduate student related to his study abroad.

Copies of the following documents:

  • Russian passport (the page with photo and indicating the place of registration)
  • applicant’s passport (page with photo), the validity of the passport must not expire earlier than 14 months from the date of application.

Certificate from the Department of Foreign Languages University, or with one of the departments of English (№ 1 and № 2) the degree of knowledge of a foreign language in the country of study. Additionally various certificates and diplomas certifying the knowledge of the language are welcomed.

Reference from diploma with the marks (issued by the inspector).

University strategy of internationalization is primarily aimed at improving the competitiveness of the University in the international educational arena and among Russian Universities as well.

The main areas of University policy of Bologna Declaration implementation are: high quality education, recognized by the academic community, the results of basic and applied research, and finally high domestic and international university rankings.

The University cooperates with about 100 foreign universities; some of them are among the top universities in the world by the Shanghai ranking, Times Higher Education rankings and QS rankings.

Kutafin Moscow State Law University is also involved in projects in collaboration with the United Nations (UNESCO, UNICEF), the ILO, the Council of Europe and other international organizations.

The International activities of the University are implemented in the following areas:

· Joint research in the fields of mutual interest.

· Dual Master’s degree program.

· Reciprocal visits professors, academic staff for the purpose of teaching and the exchange of research experience.

· Joint academic publications.

· Exchange of foreign students.

· Joint scientific conferences, symposia and seminars.

· «Summer School».

The volunteer movement of students of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) is a new project implemented by the International Cooperation Department of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) since 2019.

The volunteer movement provides assistance in organizing and conducting international events of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL).

The volunteer movement successfully carries out its activities in the following main areas: international volunteering, Protocol volunteering Our volunteers take an active part in large-scale projects of the University, such as: Moscow law Forum (held annually by the University in April), Moscow law week (held annually by the University in November together with Lomonosov Moscow state University). To make an appointment to the volunteer corps, You can write to the post office or contact by phone

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