PhD programs

Ensuring the achievement of foreign students the level of knowledge and skills necessary for further studying of vocational education programs in Russian at Kutafin University.

Classes are conducted in the Russian language from October to June. Training is conducted both individually and in groups up to 10 people, depending on the training objectives.

The program is based on a flexible model of learning to communicate in Russian in everyday, educational and professional, providing an individual approach to each student. Programs are designed for different levels of proficiency in Russian.

High level of teaching, reasonable prices, favorable psychological climate, developed infrastructure of our university, its convenient location — all this attracts young people from all over the world to choose to study The Russian language at University Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens!

Teachers of Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens have years of experience working with foreigners, not only with the primary level of knowledge but also with an advanced level. This allows to form groups to study The Russian language from the beginning as well as groups of students who need a corrective course. Many teachers are fluent in foreign languages, which allows to establish contact with the students from the first days of their stay in Russia. The process of education is based on the latest books and manuals which are based on modern methods of teaching.

In the end, of educational process students should pass the final test based on the basic materials with issuing a graduate document on the completion of training (Certificate).

Welcome to the world of Russian language!

Mode of study: Full-time, webinar mode

Language: English, Russian

Basic Disciplines

1. Russian language

2. History

3. Social Studies


The maximum period of training takes10 months, minimum — 1 month.


· Passport

· Education document

· Health insurance (at the time of stay in Russia)

· Certificate of absence of HIV-infection

· Visa for people from visa countries (MSAL will issue an official invitation to obtain a study visa)

· Photo

· CV

Place of study:

1. Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) - Moscow, Russia

2. webinars mode

Contact Information:

Director of the International Cooperation Office

Olga Shevchenko

Tel. 8 499 244 85 55


Head of Department

Irina Kuznetsova

Tel. 8499244 80 15


Managerof the International Cooperation Office

Alexey Rybkin

Tel. 8 (916) 065 88 64